Collection: 4th Grader Gershwin

4th Grader Gershwin is a Bit of a loser and a Terabyte Bizarre.  Surviving the 4th Grade so far solely on the fact that his Mom thinks He's cool isn't going to last forever.  Nobody wants to eat lunch with him.  All the 4th grade boys think he smells, and He does.  But, now, the 3rd Grade Girls After School Choir has a targeted campaign of teasing and smacks to the back of the head directed straight at him.  His Mom has signed him up for Krav Maga as a counter-offensive.  And the Bazaar Vendors have offered him a booth to sell Merchandise to raise funds for the classes.  Partly because We feel sorry...and slightly responsible.  But mostly because We want to see this Showdown at the Grade School Corral go down!!
4th Grader Gershwin